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Money Multipliers and Sweep Accounts

In May '03 MM from The Monetary Letter noted the  following;   "In 1993 banks, beginning with First Union, initiated use of software programs for sweeping demand deposits to savings accounts, which reduced the statutory reserve requirement and grew bank credit-creating capacity enormously. With what we know of the fractional reserve system of bank lending it is also not difficult to perceive of the process that also caused a proportionate increase in broad money supply.

Nonreservable assets as reported by the Federal Reserve increased $369 billion from 1994 to the end of 1999, due solely to the retail sweeping. The amount of required bank reserves as reported by St. Louis Fed researchers was reduced by $34 billion, or 9.2 percent of the growth in nonreservable assets.

In the nearly 10 percent reserve dividend you might see support for the 9:1 credit-to-reserve asset ratio that is the statutory requirement, and, therefor, equal support for the 9x multiplier that will be used to estimate the system effect of the central bank adding high-powered money to bank reserves.

This type of financial adventure is especially topical once considering how frequently capital expenditures are being cited as determinants of future economic growth. I doubt that any new scheme in the US system of money and banking will contribute to economic performance quite to the extent of retail sweeps, which are today providing but a shadow of the increase in nonreservable funds created in the first few years of that type of activity".

Nevertheless, it is worth investigating the numerical analysis below to address perceived anomalies in money aggregate growth: Click here to view a larger image



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